Kvichak River Fly Fishing Lodge

This Kvichak River fly fishing lodge is a great choice for your Alaska fishing trip for three very important reasons.

  1. The Kvichak River has the largest salmon fishing run in the world, and every one of those fish swim right past the lodge every summer.
  2. This river is home to some of Alaska’s largest rainbow Trout. It’s not uncommon to land rainbows measuring over 27 inches on the Kvichak.
  3. If you want to try something else, the lodge is only a short flight from some excellent fly-fishing only streams for rainbows as well as some fantastic salmon streams.

Kvichak River fly fishing is incredible, but the type of fishing you do is your choice. Your fishing guide will set you up for some of the best salmon fishing in the world, whichever way you enjoy the most.

Kvichak RIver fly fishing for legendary rainbow trout
Kvichak River Fly Fishing Lodge