Alaska Steelhead Fly Fishing Trip

We think this is the best Alaska steelhead fly fishing guide. They deliver for our clients year after year…and if you’re a steelhead fisherman, you know that’s a tall task. Alaska has high numbers of fish, and this area of the Kenai peninsula has extremely low steelhead fishing pressure. Add to that amazing Fall weather, we think this is the premier steelhead fly fishing destination in the world for anglers of all abilities.

  • The fishing takes place on 3 main rivers located on the Kenai Peninsula.
  • Swinging can be done effectively with a single-handed rod, although we do prefer to swing with switch rods using smaller sinking tips or weighted flies.
  • To put fish in the net, nymph rigs are the preferred method.
  • One of the rivers is glacial fed from a lake, so it can’t be blown out, which is always a concern when booking any steelhead fishing trip.
  • The lodge and cabins are only 15 to 30 minutes to good steelhead fishing.the take out where you will meet your guide.
river boasts the largest steelhead run on the Peninsula.
Alaska Steelhead Fly Fishing Trip