Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing

This is a unique golden dorado fly fishing excursion, where you’ll be fly fishing from a luxury, mobile “Mother Ship” instead of a fixed lodge. This means you can get to places that no other anglers are able to.

You’ll be fishing new water every day. Working different locations and various runs, lagoons, side channels, etc. Golden Dorado are voracious feeders and are always on the move, hunting baitfish.

  • Vessel-based luxury lodging.
  • Chef prepared meals.
  • New equipment, specially designed for fly fishing.
  • Golden Dorado are the main target, but other species include: pacu, pira pita, tararira, surubi, chafalote and more…
Golden Dorado are extraordinary hunters. They are always in search of an easy prey that happens to go by their holding spot (even a smaller Dorado!). They like moving water, and most times stalk close to river structure.
Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing