Strobel Lake, Argentina Fly Fishing Lodge

Strobel Lake looks like saltwater, but it is teaming with small scuds and massive rainbow trout below the surface, and they are caught on a regular basis by our anglers.

This outfitter is the obvious choice for serious anglers looking for a fishing trip of a lifetime. Come sometime between November through Mid-January because the big fish will be stacking up near the mouth of the Barrancoso River. The fishing this time of year can be truly astounding.

  • Multiple double digit rainbow trout a day is the norm! With chances at fish in the 20’s.
  • Peak times for fishing on Stroble Lake are November through mid-January.
  • With excellent food and comfortable accommodations, this is a trip of a lifetime!
Strobel Lake Argentina Fishing Lodge
Strobel Lake, Argentina Fly Fishing Lodge