Patagonia-Chile Fly Fishing Luxury Camp

This remote, luxury Patagonia-Chile fly fishing camp offers unspoiled wilderness and miles of untamed trout infested river all to your group of anglers! Disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in the beauty of Patagonia-Chile.

  • This is the only outfitter with access to this remote, under-fished section of the Rio Blanco River and its spring creeks.
  • Getting to the camp on horseback is an adventure all in itself! Once you arrive, you’ll be surprised how comfortable a tent camp can be.
  • Most anglers will stay at the lodge and then take a few days to go fish the base camp on the Rio Blanco, or you can do it as your entire trip. It is up to you.
I plopped my mouse on the water and gave it a twitch, he turned around, and was so slow to slurp it I thought he was going to refuse. I fought him hard from the weeds and quickly tailed 25” of spring creek brown! As if it wasn’t already my trip to Patagonia is complete! I am fully content.
Patagonia-Chile Fly Fishing Luxury Camp