Gunnison River Fly Fishing Float Trips

These Lower Gunnison River fly fishing float trips down the Black Canyon are one of the top fly fishing trips in the lower 48. This 14 mile section is referred to as “The Gunny” by locals and features spectacular scenery, some great whitewater, tons of wildlife, and most importantly, excellent fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife routinely conducts fish shocking surveys that show the Gunnison River to hold more fish per mile than any other river in the state.Anglers will have the opportunity at trophy brown and rainbow trout over 20 inches. The occasional sighting of bighorn sheep, mule deer, river otters and eagles will heighten your appreciation for this unique resource as you fish your way through the canyon.

  • May-October Mayflies
  • June-July Stoneflies
  • July-October Caddis
  • August-October Streamers (prime time)
Gunnison River Fly Fishing Float Trips