Best Flies for Fishing the White River in Arkansas

The White River in Northern Arkansas

Mild winters coupled with clean, cold water create a year-round growing season for trout in northern Arkansas streams. According to the Game & Fish Commission, the two most famous rivers in this region are the White River, and the Norfork River. These are both are tailwater fisheries with ideal temperatures and excellent trout habitat.

Basic White River Flybox

These flies will help all skill levels of anglers catch more trophy brown trout and big rainbow trout on their next fly fishing trip to the White River Basin in Arkansas.

  • Zebra Midges: Black/Silver; Olive; Black/Copper. 16-18-20.
  • Davy’s Super Midge White Tail: Red; Black; Black Pearl. 14-16
  • Davy’s Super Midge: Black & Silver; Black Pearl;. 14-16
  • Knowles’ Ruby Midge Tungsten: 16.
  • Camel Midge: 16-18
  • Tungsten Rainbow Warrior: 18-20
  • McLellan’s Humpback Scud: Olive; Tan; Tan Rainbow, UV Olive, UV Tan. 16-14
  • McLellan’s Woven V-Rib Sowbug: 14-16.
  • Davy’s Sowbug: Gray; Natural; Dark. 14-16-18.
  • Wilson’s Trout Crack: 16-18.
  • Barr’s Copper John: Copper; Red. 14-16
  • Tungsten Pheasant Tail: 16-18-20.
  • Y2K: Orange/Yellow. 12-14.
  • San Juan Worm: Brown, Red. 10-12-14.
  • Dynamite Worm: Brown; Red; Pink. 14.
  • Davy’s Prism Worm: Brown; Red; Pink: 14-16.
  • RedHead Woolly Bugger: Olive. 8-10.
  • Olive Woolly Bugger: BH, standard 8-10.
  • Black Flash-A-Bugger: BH; non BH. 8-10.
  • Ron McQuay’s Anna K Soft Hackle: Green; Black, Purple: 17.
  • Dally Tailwater Soft Hackle: Green/Hot Yellow; Red/Hot Yellow. 14-16.
  • Griffiths Gnat: 16-20.
  • Parachute Adams: 16-18-20.
  • Dave’s Hopper: Yellow 10.
  • Charlie Boy Hopper: Tan. 10.
  • Zoo Cougar: Yellow; Tan: 2.
  • Galloup’s Articulated Fathead: Yellow; Black: 4.
  • Galloup’s Articulated Dungeon: Natural; Olive; Crawdad: 4
  • Circus Peanut: Olive 2.
  • Maddin’s Kraken: White; Black. 4.
  • Conrad Sculpin: Yellow; Black. 2.




Hares Ear Nymph Sizes 12-16 Hares Ear Nymph Sizes 14-16
Various Sowbugs Sizes 12-16 Prince Nymph Sizes 14-16
Squirrel Nymph Sizes 12-16 Various Sowbugs Sizes 14-18
March Brown Nymph Sizes12-14 Telico Sizes 12-14
Shad Sizes   4-6 Olive Wooley Bugger Sizes 10-12
Caddis Pupa Sizes 14-16 BRF Shrimp Size 14
Crane Fly Larva Sizes 8-10    


Lt. Cahill Sizes 14-16 Sulphur Dun Sizes 16-18
Sulphur Dun Sizes 16-18 Hoppers Sizes  8-10
Elk Hair Caddis Sizes 14-20 Midges Sizes 18-24
Midges Sizes 18-24    






Hares Ear Nymph Sizes 10-12 BRF Gold Matuka Sizes 4-8
Prince Nymph Sizes 12-16 Various Sculpin Sizes 4-8
Various Sowbugs Sizes 14-18 Shad Sizes  4-6
Olive Wolly Bugger Sizes  8-12 Olive Wooly Bugger Sizes  8-10
BRF Shrimp Sizes 14-16 Squirrel Nymph Sizes 10-12
Telico Sizes 12-14 Various Sowbugs Sizes 14-18
Glo-Bug Size  10 Glo-Bug Size  10
Serendipity Sizes 18-22 Muddler Minnow Sizes 6-10


Hoppers Sizes 10-12 Blue Wing Olive Sizes 18-20
Midges Sizes 18-24 Midges Sizes 18-24


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The White River is a truly world class fishery like few others anywhere in the world. Its reputation as a wild brown trout fishery is well deserved, producing some monster “once in a lifetime” fish. 

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