Best Time to Go Fishing in Belize

Casting for bonefish

The best time to go fishing in Belize depends on what you want to catch. Basically, Belize has two seasons: The rainy season, which is June through November; and the dry season, December through May.

Typically December through February are cooler and the April and May can be the hotter with less wind.

While the dry season may be considered the best time to fly fish in Belize due to minimal impacts from weather, there are a couple different factors to consider. These include fishing pressure from other anglers, moon cycles/tides, and slow season vs. busy season.

Belize Climate Chart

The Rainy Season

June through mid-August is when the tarpon are migrating in Belize.

This is when the big tarpon begin showing up consistently in good numbers, with some fish in excess of 100 pounds taken each summer. The often light winds of summer make it easier to find and to cast a fly accurately to the fish, no matter what species you choose to target.

Mid-August through mid-October is tropical storm season.

On the days when the weather cooperates, the fishing can be fantastic for tarpon, bonefish and permit. When the rains are rolling through, however, the sight fishing can be tough. On those days, blind casting some of the finger flats leading to the reef can be deadly for BIG tarpon.

Tarpon fishing in Belize

The Dry Season

December through February is a great time to escape winter, which makes it one of the best times to go fishing in Belize.

This time of year, Belize can be a bit windy, but the temperatures remain relatively warm. This is a great time for bonefish and permit, with a good chance to chase resident tarpon on the less windy days.

March through May is the best time for for permit fishing in Belize.

As the waters warm up and the winds settle down, the larger permit seem to school up and cruise the saltwater flats looking for food. Many of these schools host numbers in excess of 50, and sometimes even hundreds of permit. You’ll still find great bonefishing, and tarpon fishing gets steadily better.

Belize Fishing Tides

If you are planning purely a fly fishing trip to Belize, you should plan your trip around good tides. The tide tables change every month, year to year, so it is best to consult with us prior to booking.

Belize Fishing License

It is recommended to retain a sport fishing license before arriving in Belize and be sure to have a printed copy or a photo on your phone. 

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